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R.J. Tradewings Pvt. Ltd. is authorised by the Reserve Bank of India to carry out full fledged money changing business. Though in 1990, RBI liberalized the policy of granting money changing licence, yet today only a handful of national level players remain in the fray. Having captured a significant market share by its professional and ethical business approach. R.J. Tradewings Pvt. Ltd. presently occupies a pride of place in this business being one of the top leading FFMC Companies in India. The company is having its registered office in Goa and Corporate office in Delhi.

R.J. Tradewings Pvt. Ltd. serves its customers from six Centers in NCR. One of the top Money Changers in the country.

R.J. Tradewings Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading money changers in India with a branch network spanning the entire country. Our staff members are committed to give you the best exchange rate and a fast and efficient service. We also deal in Travelers Cheques, Prepaid Foreign Currency Cards, Travel Insurance, global Travel Card and we also handle inward money transfer sent via Money Gram.

R.J. Tradewings Pvt. Ltd. is a business partner of American Express Traveller Cheques, HDFC Forex Plus Cards and Money Gram.

We provide FREE DOORSTEP SERVICES to all our customers for their Foreign Exchange requirement.

Customer Service and their satisfaction is our priority. CUSTOMER IS A KING at our Forex Desk.

Make us your first choice for your forex needs.

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